Friday, October 3, 2008

Make a lot of new friends

Because every couple weeks, someone you know will quit and a new person will take their place.

When I started, there were two girls that had been hired before me. One actually stayed with the company. As you will see, she is the exception.

Girl #2 stopped showing up on the day after Christmas, leaving everyone scrambling and changing people's Christmas plans.

#3 Left after two weeks shortly after starting to learn sales how much the company held you to it.

#4 Quit after realizing I was getting mistreated without me even having to tell her (more on that another time)

#5 Stopped showing up around Thanksgiving time because she couldn't stand having to deal with the studio manager

#6 Stopped showing up because she found the job too stressful

#7 Stopped a couple days into training after realizing the job wasn't for her

#8 Was fired for stealing

#9 Quit to "focus more on studies"

#10 Stopped showing up after about 2 weeks after he started to get written up. Studio manager told me she had expected to fire him soon for sales numbers

#11 Was fired after she attacked a coworker after a stressful night

#12 Stopped showing up after 4 days of training.

And of course I make number 13. But I put in my two week's notice after a year. Almost all of the above named quit before they were around a month.


Anonymous said...

Ya know, I actually am not surprised that someone attacked a coworker because of this job. I've felt like doing that once or twice, and SPS was the only job I've ever felt that way about. Which is saying something since I'm in training to be an ER nurse now...

leosgirl said...

Completely agree. I remember one time I was at the sales table, when I had two different parties I needed to sell to, the phone was ringing, the onsite printer was beeping that the toner needed to be changed, there were tons of people waiting and there were not enough staff on---I literally saw myself in my head just losing it right there when a woman was trying to get my attention to ask me something. I have never felt like that in any other job. I didn't really lose it, but I could see it all playing out in my head--me saying, "I WILL GET TO YOU WHEN I HAVE A SECOND!" And doing some kind of karate chop move on everyone. LOL

Anonymous said...

I left the company a year and a half ago and, since then, my old job (Studio Manager) has been cosistently posted on the SPS website. They can't find anyone to hire and when they do, they stay less than 3 weeks. I can only imagine what is going on there at the studio.