Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Guilt trip your way to sales!

A word for word quote of a Sears training script.

Customer: I don't need that many portraits.

Associate: Really, have you considered everyone in your family? The portrait sheets are a great value right now and it would be the perfect time to send portraits to those out of town relatives that we often forget about. Also, make sure that you have at least one extra size of each pose for the baby book. A lot of our Customers have a separate photo album for their children to take to their home when they grow up and move away. It is a great way for a parent to show that they care.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha. The Guilt trip. That MIGHT work on me, but now that my son is just a little bit older, and I did several sittings throughout his first two years, I have learned that I end up with lots of extras that never go anywhere.

Anonymous said...

At one point our DM was really pushing the CD sales on us. This was right after Hurricaine Katrina and she was telling us we could remind people how they should buy the CD so they can put it in a safe place...she said, tell your customers,"Think about the victims of Katrina. You could lose all your portraits." The thing is, the CD could get lost in a storm just as easily. But I remember being on this conference call and I was just appauled at what they would tell us to do or say to make a sale.

Anonymous said...

OMG we got the katrina thing too in my district in NJ! our DM went a step further with us to tell people that remember that in NJ we could have a huge hurricane anytime too. in my entire life we've never had a hurricane 1/8 as bad as katrina and i felt like an ass having to sell to people this way!