Sunday, October 5, 2008


Everything is documented.

Let's say one day you forgot to take out the trash when you closed down the studio.

The next day you will have a Summary of Conversation waiting for you. It will say that it is for "failure to follow proper closing procedures" and if it happens again there will be "further documentation leading up to termination."

All because you forgot a single step of a many-step, half hour long closing procedure once.


Anonymous said...

I've actually gotten written up for that once! Never mind the fact that I closed the register so none of the money would get stolen, and locked the camera room so the camera wouldn't get stolen. I forgot, literally, the least vital closing procedure, and got a write up.

I will never understand this company.

Anonymous said...

Wait, let me make sure I under stand this. You're upset because you were reprimanded for not doing your job?