Friday, October 31, 2008

Be a telemarketer [part 3]

In addition to calling old customers that haven't recently come in, your responsibilities also include cold calling people.

When you sit an appointment down, you explain the "share the smiles" program where any of their friends that they have that might be interested in coming in will get a free sheet. If they put five friends down, the customer filling it out gets a free sheet as well.

So in case you missed it, the customer is basically selling five friends' phone numbers to us for $7.99.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, be a telemarketer...when you're not busy doing everything yourself because staff was sent home early to control labor, after the conference call, in between sessions, before you evaluate 20 sessions and complete all the paperwork involved with that, after the "Going for the Green" is completed, before you follow up on your acquisition boxes, in between meeting with the store manager to "touch base" and purchasing props yourself and planning events... you get the picture. Every studio manager I know "cooks the books" in this area- because there's no way you could get it all done.