Saturday, November 1, 2008

Try your best, get in trouble.

The 9.99 package. It kills your sales average and it's about impossible to escape.

Sometimes, however, one of your regular $9.99 customers--the ones that know your software well enough to say "Lab Package 104" when they come in--will be amazed with what a great job you did with the photos and decide to buy extras.

Other times, you will have someone come in convinced that they are only going to do the coupon, but they realize they can't leave without getting your great photos.

I would say a sale converted this way will be around 60 bucks. This, I'll remind you, is 6 times what the customer came expecting to spend.

Does this get you recognition? Does your boss say "good job?" No. Expect to be asked why you couldn't get them into a collection.


Anonymous said...

New associates are often tricked into ringing the $9.99 package sale by the more experienced staff. As a studio manager I saw my assistant mgr do this regularly-she would always have to go to the restroom when it came time to ring the sale and ask someone who didn't know any better to finish it. I would pull this person aside and explain what a $10 sale did to their average, and to watch out for co-workers who didn't mind sabotaging each other. So much for teamwork, huh?

Anonymous said...

As if the "one pose package" (for $9.99) isn't bad enough, I have a few customers who call corporate to complain because their sessions didn't download for "view & share". Now mind you, we don't charge for that service as other studio's do, BUT did you know if you right click on the picture in your view and share, you can not only downlaod the images(Yes, the ones that were not purchased) and PRINT from them. Not the best quality for sure, but with photo paper used makes great wallets to hand out and to scrapbook. Now I know why we have so many one pose pkgs. that inquire "These will be available online, right?" To me, if you only liked one pose to purchase, then NO, they shouldn't be.. why would you want them to be viewed if you don't like them enough to purchase and hand out?