Friday, November 14, 2008

What caused me to quit [3/3]

So it's Thursday in our story. I actually had a Friday off coming up (not because they were being nice, but because it fit into a new associate's training schedule), so it was my last chance to get my sales numbers up. I had two appointments on the books.

I did the math and even if a previous sit came back and added on $400 in additional product, I wouldn't make my goal.

I took my first appointment back and they did about $65 of sheets thanks to their 2.99 sheet coupon. After the sit, I talked to my manager.

Me: I hate to say it, but I'm not going to make my sales numbers for this week.
Manager (says something like "that's too bad," pauses for a moment and then asks,) Do you have any plans for tomorrow?
Me: Not currently, but I'm sure I'll plan something, why?
Manager: I just wanted to know in case we needed to touch base and I needed to get a hold of you.

Clearly "touch base" means "tell you why you're in trouble" and at this point could very well mean "fire you"
Me: Ok.
Manager: Also, District Manager called and we have a conference call tomorrow that you need to be on. [reminder: Friday had been my day off] So actually, come into the studio and we'll touch base then before the call.

So despite my best, most well-meaning efforts, I had not met their expectations and on top of this, I was losing part of my day off (from 2-3, the middle of the day) to a conference call that I had to take in studio.

Rather than come in and get my Corrective Action form, I came in and put in my 2 weeks notice.

More on what happened after I quit in the days to follow.


Anonymous said...

as if the 9.99 coupon isn't bad enough they sent out a 4.99 coupon with no sitting fee IN THE NEWS PAPER. So not just their normal mailer people but anyone. I've gotten screwed over on that deal. They send out these coupons then we get in trouble if they use that coupon that THEY sent out. I haven't got a chance to read your whole blog yet but what I have read makes me feel better about our studio because it sounds like all studios are the same. if the job market were better or photographers / designers believe me i would quit too.

Anonymous said...

Once again, associates are expected to "overcome" coupons sent out by the company. CPI needs to make up their minds- they send out these super cheap in an effort to drive sittings, then punish associates for running a low average. Even the best photographer/salesperson is going to find it near impossible to squeeze $120.00 out of a $2.99 coupon. Especially when most of your time at the sales station is spent explaining the 5 different offers on the damn coupon. I wonder if McDonald's employees are reprimanded for not "overcoming" the 2 Big Macs for $3.00 special they occasionally run. I bet not.

Anonymous said...

When I quit, after an incident very much like the one that happened to you, I was telling my mother about it, and she actually looked at me and said:

"You've GOT to be exaggerating. I doubt that any company is really that terrible."

I nearly died after she said that.