Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Get it together and be on call all the time

A submission that came in today with the subject line "Almost Quit..."

"I was scheduled to work today, but my manager told me yesterday not to come in, because they wouldn't need me. Awesome! except I made my 1st mistake when I actually thought they wouldn't need me. She tried contacting me this morning to tell me they do in fact need me, but she didn't get a hold of me until afternoon, and by that time they wanted me to come in for night shift, which she knows I cannot work because my husband is in school and i have 3 kids that I have to look after. She told me I needed to "Get my Sh*t together, and find a babysitter." WOW, and then she continues to tell me she can't depend on me lately and that's why shes being so 'crappy'. I am the Asst. Manager...I work my hours I am scheduled. Plus some. But since my husband started school 3 months ago, I have a limit to not working nights on the days I'm supposed to be off. I made the mistake of making myself too available in the past. Shed call me and I'd drop everything, including my kids, to cover her. And that was before my time as a manager. Apparently all those times have been forgotten and now that I need just two evenings off a week..I'm not dependable and need my Sh*T to get taken care of."

You know the really awful thing about this, Submitter? Manager can go to your file, pull out your availability sheet from your application and say that in asking for not working those two evenings that you're changing your availability and fire you on the spot. Even though I'm sure Manager's availability changes week to week as her plans necessitate.


Anonymous said...

I think you should call your manager's bluff and give notice. Having to do the busy season without you would probably scare her into treating you a little nicer. If not, there are other jobs out there. Also, you might consider calling the HR department-the kind of language your manager used violates company policy and could get her in real trouble. And if she's been around awhile and makes a decent wage, this could be the reason they've been looking for to get rid of her.

Anonymous said...

"I made the mistake of making myself too available in the past."

Biggest mistake ever. You try to help out a studio once and they come to EXPECT it going forward.

Anonymous said...

Even if your DM does somehow give you a better raise for helping out, I guarantee it will not make up for all the added stress you will have with 2 studios on your plate. Not to mention that the performance at that studio will be on your head now too. Trust me: I took on an additional studio for an extra $1.00 an hour (after a SM was fired and they were waiting to hire another). Biggest mistake ever! That $1.00 did not even come close to covering the double frustration I delt with, and they didn't even reimburse me for travel time or mileage. What a rip off! Plus I was left with the task of trying to clean up 10 years worth of mismanagement at the studio. I never should have agreed to the deal. But, I was trying to be helpful. I look back now, and I see it was all for nothing. The company doesn't care about you no matter how hard you work.

Anonymous said...

I've had a manager call in someone on flex on a busy saturday where she needed herself, me and that other co worker to work that day.

She found out her daughter was sick so she just didn't come to work, despite that she need 3 people to work. We were stuck with two.

Oh, but when I was throwing up, I had to go to work or I'd lose my job.