Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Instead, use common sense

Do not give me a bad cusomter service review for "not making art" (which will result in me getting written up) when you bring your 3 year old as a walk in appointment at a time well past her bed time as the last appointment of the night. Especially when she's already crying as you carry her through the door.


Anonymous said...

Parents have the most unrealistic expectataions!

Anonymous said...

Oh yea....like when they come in with a 4 month old and want 12 outfit changes. Then get mad at you when the child gets fussy after 1 change, even though you explained to them in the beginning that most babies won't last through that many changes!

Their baby's behavior is 100% your fault...didn't you know you are supposed to have the magic touch?

Anonymous said...

SERIOUSLY!!! Reminds me of that whole "ok, but not great" thing. Grrrrr!