Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thanks for nothing

As you know, I put in my two weeks notice right before the Studio Manager did the next weeks' scheduling. When the schedule was made, instead of my usual 30 hours, I was scheduled for 8 hours definite hours and two, 4 hour flex shifts.

Manager had me come in for the flex shift on the last day of the week even though it was obvious I wasn't needed. In the back of my head, I was hoping that maybe it was because she wanted to say goodbye or thanks for all the times I took her shift when one of her kids got sick or all the times I had worked open to close or worked all the hours that she hated to work. Maybe everyone had gotten me a card and signed it.

Wrong. It was a normal day at work and she didn't say anything about me leaving other than that I should call if I wanted any seasonal Christmas hours. No one really said much of anything.

On a sidenote, a commenter asked what Manager usually did on average sales, and it was usually great: $130 or so. However, I was at least given the satisfaction of her doing around $80-90 for the last two weeks I was there.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, this is the way it is in most businesses. An employee leaving, even a valued one, is not much to make a big deal over when you're the manager because you're focused on re-staffing and all of your regular responsibilities. And in this situation, where your sales average was low, it is a load off the manager's mind that you were leaving because now he/she doesn't have to make excuses to the higher ups. Of course, a new employee won't have a chance at making the sales figures the company wants, and it would be better off if you stayed, but don't expect a party when you're the one who decided to leave--the manager has better things to do. Yes, it would have been nice, but CPI takes the nice out of managers.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if the "flex shift" is even legal... In my state, this is considered an "on call" shift, and is to be paid whether that shift is actually worked or not. How does CPI get away with this sort of thing? FYI- company stock has now tanked to below $3. They are also in trouble with the NYSE, and also are planning to close 51 Picture Me studios. The 4th Qtr. makes or breaks this company-better get out while you can!!!

Anonymous said...

In my area, they reopened 2 PictureMe studios that had been closed for about 2 yrs. Then I got written up because my sits/sales began to decline. So that's how CPI rolls... they put SPS & PM studios in direct competition with each other and then bitch and moan when sits go down. That's just stupid.