Saturday, November 8, 2008

Perhaps with Robot Babies?


I don't know what everyone else's experience has been, but training new employees seems to become harder and harder. It's not bad enough that there are about a MILLION things a new employee needs to know, without the customers making the poor trainee feel even worse. I'll give you an example:
About a month ago I was training a new employee. We had practiced in the camera room posing bears, taking pictures of other employees and such, but she needed a real live baby to test what she'd learned.

I stayed in the camera room with her the whole time, only making suggestions and stepping in when she was obviously unsure. The kid turned out to be a NIGHTMARE and we did the best we could, given the circumstances. Once the cropping and enhancing were done, we had some cute poses, despite the little girl's screaming, yelling and running around like a banshee.

The customer looked through the pictures and said, "honestly I don't like any of these. Last time's were much better." (Well of course last time's pictures were better, lady, your kid was immobile at that point!)

Through much use of my persuasive skills, she wound up ordering some pictures. Her CSAT (customer satisfaction survey) comments came in a week later:

"New employees should not be allowed to take pictures of kids."

How the hell am I supposed to train them, then?

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely think there should be a training location where groups of new employees go for at least 2 weeks to train with a trainer, take pictures of real live subjects and groups, learn to sell, and learn to use SAS. Banks do this--give training to tellers at a location so that once they go into the actual branch, they know all the basics and have tried everything, and can just learn the branch specifics. Of course, this would cost a lot of money for CPI, so they will probably never do it. But I think it would cut down on the turn over because employees would be fully prepared.