Thursday, November 20, 2008


Reading your comments jogged my memory about the 1-800 number. I'm not sure when it began, but sometime shortly before I started, all calls to set up the appointments across the country got routed to the 1-800 number. Even if you called the Sears Direct number, it had a prompt asking if you were calling to make an appointment; say yes and your call was heading over the Pacific.

Because of this, people sometimes assumed that they were talking to the Sears Portrait Studio in their city, and start asking them questions. The people at the call center then, for a reason unknown to me, would tell people that they can do all sorts of things from using multiple 9.99 packages to bringing in 5 outfits when we're booked full of appointments. I once had someone come in with their own wheeled rack of clothing changes.

First of all, if the goal is to deliver excellent customer service (hint: it is), it seems that you would want to have your friendly associates talking to the customers, not the people in the call center. And secondly, the customer is not going to feel like they got excellent customer service if the call center tells them something to appease them and then they show up to find out it's impossible to do what they were told they could do in their allotted time.

Try to explain this to the customer however, and you will have an angry customer that swears the person they talked to was someone in the studio even though they said they called 2 hours ago and you've been the only person there all day.


Anonymous said...

I had a customer the other day who booked her appointment through the 800 number. Her name was Kitty Hunt. Her appointment was booked as Titty Cunt (sorry if you have to sensor that...)

Anonymous said...

We had a customer named Terry, her appt was booked under Cherry. So that is what we called her and that is what was in our system. She said that was rude and offensive and called copr and complained.

But the Titty is WAY worse!!!

Anonymous said...

I had a family show up with their dog in tow because the call center told them that we photograph pets. I apologized all over myself and explained that it was against our policy. It was the busy season, the studio was packed, and the dog was a large german shepherd... the family was very understanding. Then the DM who refuses to photograph stepped in and told them we would do it. So my credibility with both customers and associates went out the window that day.

Anonymous said...

or...have a store manager who tells you that YOU MUST take the pics of the dog..when the customers went to them to complain... I told her I refused to do it and immediately called my dm..who supported me.

Anonymous said...

i used to work for sears protrait for a long 4 years and i just found out that they fired one of my good friends thats was a manager because she wouldnt fire a associate who was there for 3 years cause her prs was below 100.00 thats a bunch of bs so if your thinkin bout wiorkin for this company think again and again and again dont do it they treat there employees like krap