Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hope you don't like adult conversation

Multiple times a week, I would strike up a conversation with a parent that went something like this.
Me: Aw, she's just so adorable; how old is she?
Mom: (jiggling her baby's limbs and looking down at her daughter) Say "I'm just six months old"
Baby: (blank stare)
Me: Is she able to sit up on her own yet?
Mom: (talking like a baby)Say "not yet but I'm getting close! I'm only a little wobbly!
Me: Ok then we'll make sure she's well supported.
Mom: "I'm still twying every day now though aren't I? Still twying."


Anonymous said...

Very funny...and very twu!

Anonymous said...

Sad...but true. I have to admit, though, that oftentimes playing with the kids is MUCH more fun than talking to the adults...

Anonymous said...

I was having trouble finding a job. So I caved. I'm going back for christmas.

Shoot me now.

SPS said...

Have you tried giving plasma or (more seriously)

I wish you all the best out there.

Send me any good stories.