Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kiddie Kandids Shuts Down Without Warning

In case you haven't heard, Kiddie Kandids (not a CPI company) abruptly filed for bankruptcy and closed their doors, leaving customers without their orders and associates without a job and unpaid. From this article
"Thousands of Utah parents and countless others across thecountry are worried they may have just lost precious family memories. Photographsof their children are locked up, behind closed doors, inside hundreds of KiddieKandids stores that are now closed. The company is bankrupt.

More than 175 Kiddie Kandids studios abruptly closed theirdoors today when employees got word, in the form of a letter from the corporateoffice in Sandy,the company was declaring Chapter Seven bankruptcy. More than 1,700 workers,from part-time college students to full time managers supporting theirfamilies, are now unemployed. Worse, they also found out they won’t be paid forthe past two weeks work."