Monday, March 15, 2010

Get off the breathing machine and IV and get back to work

(From the comments by fedupwithsps:)

The other day I had a customer come in 2 hours early for an appointment, wanting to be taken early. I had an appointment every hour until her appointment, so I politely explained that I did have other appointments scheduled to come in before her, but that if they canceled or didn't show I would be able to get her in early, then suggested they walk around the mall so that the children did not get restless sitting there there for possibly 2 hours.

She declined and said she would just wait. During the next two hours both appointments showed, and while i was with them, her children were literally tearing the studio up. They knocked down and broke 5 of our hanging pictures and put a hole in the wall. so I again suggested maybe they go play in the play place to keep them entertained. Again she declined.

So I finally made it to them, and began trying to take the portraits, and they children were crying with snotty noses, and they would not cooperate. i tried for a full 30 mins and only got 2 photos. so I suggested that if they came back, we could try again. she threw a fit and said that i was giving poor customer service, because I didn't take their pictures right away... I mean forget about the other people that had appointments.. she yelled and cussed but agreed to come back. ??

She then called in on me the next day, saying that I made her wait for two hours when she had an appointment, and that I kept taking people before her...and then I got mad that her kids would not take pictures and demanded they come back later. So like everything else at sps, instead of listening to what really happened, because the customer is always right, I got a corrective action, because of poor customer service. Now you tell me is that fair? I did everything possible, yet still got in trouble. This company is messed up, and if they don't start treating their employees right, they have none.

And for this entire past week I have had the flu and pneumonia. I have been on bed rest and breathing machines and an at home IV. The meds they put me on, I found did not react well to stomach ulcers...which is how I found out I have one. I called the manager and explained that I would be out for at least a week, told her all the details, and all she said was if you don't have a doctors note, you don't have a job... I received a text today asking when I was coming back.. there were no, " how are you feeling" or " I hope you are doing better" messages at all. It's completely ridiculous that I can be as sick as I am, and the biggest problem in their life is the fact I am sick, and they might have to work a double to cover it.