Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mistreated and disrespected (another favorite story)

You of course remember person #4 from my list of employees that left, don't you? Here's more of the story.

I was talking with my district manager about what a negative work environment our studio was and how that's the reason that everyone would quit without giving notice. I gave her a basic reason of everyone that quit. At the time I thought that Girl#4 quit without explanation.

Me: And I know that Girl#4 that we never called her with her schedule, but I personally called her on the same number that I used to schedule her interview and left voicemails on the same machine. We called.
DM: Oh, you don't know the story of what happened?
Me: What story?
DM: She quit after a week because she said that she could tell that you were being mistreated and didn't want to work in that kind of work enviroment. She even called up the CEO to try and talk to him.

Let me break this down for you a little better. The timeline works like this.

I call up this girl so we can schedule an interview. She comes in. I interview her and think she would be a great asset to the company. She's energetic, happy, good with customers, has great experience. I refer her to the studio manager for a second interview. This is the last contact I remember having with her. She was hired and started training with the studio manager on the opposite shifts I was on.

So this means that in the one week she was with us, she figured out that I was being mistreated. Me specifically. And it was so bad that she quit.

No one ever did anything about this by the way.

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Anonymous said...

Anybody in their right mind would get the hell out in the first week. As a trainer I could always tell within a few days who was just sick enough to put up with all the poo-poo they would be expected to eat... for $6.55 an hour.