Tuesday, October 7, 2008

People are selfish

I was once running behind so I told the following sit "I'm sorry, but I'm running a little bit behind. It's going to be closer to 10:05 than 10:00."

They audibly and theatrically sighed to have to wait an extra five minutes.

And during their session they wanted to do extra outfit changes, extra poses for each individual child, and had no problem trying to make the other appointment after them far more than five minutes late.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me that people are less willing to cut any kind of slack to studio staff. Running 5 minutes behind in any other setting would not be a big deal- do you think these people act the same way if their doctor was running late? I think not. One of my least favorite sessions was the newborns... the parents often acted as though our time meant nothing and usually did not have their child dressed and ready. Almost always we would have to stop and feed,etc. As you know, when you have a new baby the world revolves around YOU, and everyone around you needs to suck it up and give you all the extra special treatment you deserve. And because you're so great, CPI is going to deem you worthy enough to receive a $9.99 package coupon with no session fee. So bring in the whole family next time... we've got nothing but time.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree! I have often thought of the doctor's office scenario. You always have to wait in situations like that. The other thing that was horrible was during the month of December when the appointments are booked 15 minutes apart. People would show up 5-10 minutes late and I wanted to be like, "You know, there are only 5 minutes left for your appointment (and meanwhile, the next 2 appointments are already tehre and waiting). By the time you did pre-photography stuff, they'd be going back 5-10 min after their appointment should have started and in a CPI world of being booked every 15 min (which is completely unrealistic), 10 minutes late ended up translatig into almost 45 minutes behind. The people waiting have no idea how over booked the appointment schedule is. I don't blame people for being mad when they have to wait over 20-30 minutes, but the root of the problem is the appointment scheduling system. Yet again, another reason to NEVER work for this company!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree! For me, waiting at my doctor's office for anytime less than 15 minutes is actually running well on time. Does anyone else feel that sometimes you get a customer who is just taking their good old time on purpose, like waiting until the last minute to feed and change their children, surprising you with an extra outfit, etc. It's like they are just trying to be spiteful because they had to wait, and now they want to screw everybody after them.

SPS said...

What's also the worst is that when they make you late by not having their kids ready, the kid gets impatient with all the changing and preps and as a result, the photos aren't as good as they could have been and the parent will hold you responsible rather than themself.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but think of what my husband would say to me if I tried to do more than one outfit change (in the case of wanting formal/informal shots). He'd tell me that our son is NOT a doll for me to play dress up with and to stop fussing over his clothes.

But seriously, I have always been told that we are welcome to do ONE outfit change. And for me, that's usually just a different shirt with the same pants.