Monday, October 27, 2008

Things you need to improve on

There's a management style that SPS conforms to in which there's a list of things to go over when correcting someone's behavior with a conversation. These are the topics of conversation:
1) What did you do well
2) What could be improved
3) Set goals
4) Decide how to attain those goals
5) Follow up on the conversation later
Which, in theory, would work great if the management were more sincere.

The main problem was that the "talk about what you did well" was in there as a formality. It was there because it had to be. It was something to get through quickly. Congratulations that were given were hollow and empty. You got the sense they were waiting for this part to be over so they could get to the criticism part.

When you do something well, it is because you are supposed to. When you make a mistake, it is because you aren't doing your job correctly.

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