Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Your time is not your own [part 1]

If you are “full time” you will be getting 30 hours per week spread across five days. Your days off will be weekdays and subject to change at random. Your days off will not be consecutive. Occasionally, there will be mandatory meetings made only 1-2 days in advance. These are usually either early before open or late in the evening. If you work 9-4 that day, get ready to come back a few hours later for a meeting. Conference calls can also come up without warning. Everything is mandatory. Everything is a condition of employment.

If you work evenings, be prepared to get woken up by your phone often in the morning. Your phone cannot ever be off if you are a full timer, or a summary of conversation will be filed against you.

Your schedule will change without notice. You will lose days off when other people get sick and they need someone. People leave the company often and leave without giving two weeks notice, so also be prepared to get called in when someone doesn’t show up for work and then have to help cover their shifts for the rest of the week.

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