Thursday, September 18, 2008

Your time is not your own [part 3]

Our portrait studio was open until 8pm. What this means, however, is that if someone comes in at 8:00 or even 8:10, you take them back for their appointment. Refuse an appointment? You're fired.

You never quite know when you'll get out. The appointment scheduler loves to make late appointments [see entry being posted Saturday] at 8:00 when other times are available.

Closing takes about half an hour. So some days I would be able to leave at 8:30. On days when I could start closing procedures early, I would be done at 8:10. Other days 9:30.

This entry probably sounds more nitpicky than previous entries, but you have to combine this with other entries and realize that it's yet another way you always feel on call. Working the evening shift means you can't make any definite plans until 10. So in a sense even though your shift says you're done at 8, Sears really has you until 10.


Gotalife said...

Of course your time is not your work for SPS!!! I managed a super high volume studio and regularly worked 14 hour days during the 4th Qtr- usually with no break. And my associates worked right along side me-because I'd cut their hours as punishment if they didn't. Obviously they didn't need the hours, or they'd extend their shift,right? Since the 800 system allowed customers to book from the freaking parking lot, I often was in a staffing crisis. I WAS one of the "bad guys"- because MY job depended on it.

Andrea June said...
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