Sunday, September 14, 2008

Skeleton Crew [part 1]

Sears Portrait Studio has as few people as possible working on a given day. This meant that I worked alone most of the time.

Pretend you've got a six month old baby that you've brought in for photos. You've taken the time to make sure that he's had a nap, that he didn't get his clothes dirty, and that he was fed before he came. You were really worried that he might not take good photos because he doesn't have much patience, but the first few photos are adorable.

Then the phone rings. The photographer is required to excuse herself and get the phone. The person on the phone may request to see if their pictures are in which requires the photographer to dig around in the drawer. Or the caller may have a bunch of questions that she demands me answered right then and there.

When the photographer comes back, she may get in another five minute of cute photos only to be interrupted with someone that has come to pick up their photos. The photographer obliges.

Your child starts crying and it is clear the photo session is over before you even got a chance to get some of the photos you wanted.

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Anonymous said...

Policy in my studio is: If you're in the camera room you don't answer the phone.

I don't care what district/corporate says. I'm sick of getting complaints to the DM line about how much I was answer the damn phone. Like I have any kind of control over the PHONE RINGING!

I'm sure I must have sent a text to everyone I know and told them to call the studio at this specific time when I knew I'd have an appointment. Oh yeah, and instead of leaving a message on the answer machine, just call 5 times in a row until someone picks up... then complain that they sounded rude to you.