Tuesday, September 16, 2008

CPI Corp breaks the rules of statistics

On the customer's recepit, these is a link to a survey they can take where they are asked three questions. It's something like: would you reccomend us to a friend, did your photographer listen to your needs, what was your overall satisfaction. These are rated on a scale from 1-10 with ten being the best.

Nines and tens are considered good. Anything else is not.

Furthermore, one bad review is more heavily weighted than a good review. Let's say the woman from the previous entry had a bone to pick and decided she didn't get enough time and was going to stick it to me by giving me all 1's. It would take ten good reviews to make up for one bad review.

Get bad reviews? You're going to get written up.

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Anonymous said...

Tell them a sob story.
"I got all eights the other day and got a zero score. Nines and tens are what they want. All A's no B's. So PLEASE give me a good score!"

Then smile really big and offer them free stuff if they take it and give you a good score. I ask my customers to leave their name and phone number in the comments section so i can give them a free collage when i get my scores back.

We don't get our scores very often, but higher scores mean more money for me later. I feel bad leading them on, but I can't afford to have some upset parent give me a bad score cause little Johnny wouldn't smile for his six month pictures.