Monday, September 22, 2008

Un-fed babies

New parents have a tendency to bring their babies in for walk-in appointments.

I once had a couple come in while I was busy with another session. I told them I would be able to take them back in twenty minutes once I finished my other appointment. They were in a hurry so they were annoyed with this, but decided to wait.

From the seats they waited in, they could witness the entire process and see for themselves when I was almost through. The five minutes it takes me to ring up a customer is an ideal time to start getting ready.

I took them back at four. I had the room all ready to go and then the mom decided that then was the time to start:
1) Feeding the baby (takes 10+ min)
2) Changing the baby's outfit

And I had another appointment in an hour which of course went back late.

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Anonymous said...

i work for sps and i have worked for jcpp also i dont understand why people show up as walkins with these new-borns and demand u stop what u are doing to help them also when they book appointments they show up late and soon as they get there they want to feed there baby change all the kids clothes and even try to comb all the kids hair. come on it takes at least 30-45 minutes to get theses kids dressed now when u get in the camera room they only want a group shot after they make you late for your other appointments they only buy a one pose package i hate cheap people.