Sunday, September 28, 2008

No one trusts you

Everyone was always suspect.

I can't tell you how many times I was woken up by my phone in the morning asking why I had only done 20 outreach calls. Or why the new shipment of photos (that came in early) hadn't been put away yet.

Things happen. People come up and need passports. Babies get upset. People come in to pick up photos. People call with 20 minutes of questions.

Yet there is little respect for this and since you work by yourself, you don't have anyone to back you up.

I'm a very diligent worker. At a previous job, management gave me awards and recognition for my hard work. At Sears Portrait Studio, I was only met with suspicion.

And so I took to keeping a log of every hour I worked.

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HaveMercy said...

My MM would make us do this as a statement on days we didn't shoot anyone. We'd have to write out an hour by hour account of what we did all day.

So one day, during a freaking BLIZZARD, where all the smart people called in, I sat there at the studio reading my book, watching the snow fall, and told my boss what I did all day.

10 -11am - I read chapters 1-8
12-12:15 went outside and had a smoke
12:15 - 2:00 - put pictures away, and called all customers.

2-3 closed for lunch

3-4 scratched my ass

4-5 farted

5-6 read some more

6-7 had a snowball fight. Closed studio due to water levels.

Boss laughed her ass off, and said I wasn't allowed to write an hour by hour account anymore. They (corporate) of coarse sent that one to the loonie bin.. literally.