Tuesday, September 9, 2008

PRS is not your friend

The primary way an employee is rated is not by how good her/his photos are, but rather by how much money she/he makes selling them.

Your PRS is the average money you make per sale. The goal is $120/sale. This alone is a huge challenge, but then you have to realize that the company blankets the nation with a package for 10 bucks. This means that if you get one person that comes in and does the package (something some people do every month), your next sale will have to be $230 dollars to make up for that.

What happens when your PRS isn't at 120? Well, that's a talking to.

You will have a conversation with the studio manager in which she/he threatens your job security. I once had a conversation with a manager in which I was told "If you can't get this number up [by ten dollars in the next week], it's going to be either your job or mine. And it's not going to be mine."

Ask yourself this: if you were to go into a Sears Portrait Studio (please don't), would you be walking in expecting to pay $120 for your photos? If not, get ready to have your photographer (and by photographer I mean sales person) try and try and try to get you up to the 120 mark. Her job depends on it.

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