Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let's help each other out.

There's been a lot of good information going on in the comments about two things: flex time and unemployment. One commenter writes:
"It is true there is no Federal law pertaining to breaks, but each state usually has a set guideline for employers to follow. You can easily find your state by Googling. I do know that in Cali, the law for "flex" or on call does depend on a few things like how long they expect you to take getting to work and if you are restricted as far as how far away from home you can be. If you are unable to be personally productive and respond quickly, then they must pay you to be on call at the rate of at least minimum wage. "
and another adds:
CPI's "flex shift" is not legal in more than a few states. It is considered to be an "on call" shift and employees are to be paid for the hours scheduled whether they were worked or not. A little research would probably net some of you a nice little check for all the times you were ON CALL and not paid for it.
I would love to get resources together for those still at CPI so they can know the law in their state, so if anyone has more further information, please leave it in a comment or shoot me a quick email.

And in terms of unemployment, one commenter writes:
"To the person who inquired about collecting unemployment if demoted...it depends on your state. Don't willingly step down-make them demote you. You then might be considered "partially unemployed" and the state will supplement your income. You will have to report your earnings every 2 weeks and be looking for full-time employment. In my state, they pay 125% of your eligible amount if you are working."

Please also post unemployment information here as well. Let's help those that are yet to be able to get out.

On one other note, I wanted to point out one other thing: assume that every single thing you do at work is documented and trackable since it probably is. They're able to tell if you don't make telemarketing calls (they check what you check off against the phone logs). They're able to tell if you make fake appointments. They're able to tell everything you do on SAS and in the computers (since they can remotely take over/monitor any system). For your own benefit, no matter how much they screw you over, don't try to skirt around doing certain things because they'll know. Be wary: every single thing in the system has a report associated with it.


Anonymous said...

My favorite CPI tactic is to threaten your job if your sales/sits are down. The problem with this is that the company must prove misconduct on your part if they fire you. Guess what? You will collect unemployment because your failure to fix the economy is not and never will be misconduct. CPI is losing employment cases left and right because of this flawed theory. So take a deep breath...and pray that they actually follow thru on their threats.

Anonymous said...

Im expecting to be fired here shortly. I think i turned away one of their "secret shoppers" today.

I was alone in the studio with an appt every hour and a Newborn walk-in. Then another walk-in comes up and i tell them that i can call them when i am done, but i have to clock off for lunch at 2pm. Well, the 4 week old was NOT happy, so that took over an hour.... I call the other walk-in at 5 after 2 and tell them we can hurry because i also have a 3pm coming, they told me that they didnt want to cut into my lunch time. I told them they could come back at 4 or 5..... they didnt and im assuming this will be counted as me turning the away.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame when your doing the best you can do or anyone else can do and it is not good enough.

When your DM gives your reviews if it is a bad one and you don't think you deserve it, state on it before you sign it that you disagree with their assessment of your performance. If you don't and you sign it that is just one more piece of information they can use against you in a hearing.

Also don't tell them you won't sign it either because all they have to do is put a note and date at the time that says you viewed it.

Anonymous said...

You also gotta love the DM when they threaten to demote you and give your position to your associate that has been stabbing you in the back. They love to pit the associates against the mgr's. Here is the opener to the associate.

DM says just between you and I, I don't think the mgr is doing that great of a job. Just keep me informed about anything I need to know. You never know you might get to run the whole store and get the bonus's and mgr pay. Just watch what you say around others.

Anonymous said...

Yes,there is a palpable sense of desperation. The TMs are being threatened, no doubt, and they in turn are tightening the screws on their DMs. The DMs are delivering threats to the SMs and resorting to all manners of subterfuge. It has become an environment where self preservation most certainly trumps teamwork. I discovered that my studio manager had selectively transferred some of my better sales in SAS to herself. Now, in all fairness, she generally runs a higher PRS than I do, and this was only done on weeks where her sales tanked, but it does illustrate how the pressure of potentially losing your job can modify your sense of right and wrong. No doubt, these are the times that bring out the best in people. Thank you CPI for making it all possible.

Burntoutmgr said...

Yes they put everyone against eachother like it is a contest to see who can ax eachother. I just put my time in anymore and just don't worry about what people think. I am starting school soon to do something else in life so if I am not good enough they can put me in the gilitine and get it over with.

Yes I don't say anything to anyone that can be thrown against me or my associates. I have learned to just put up with bad people and the good people. I just keep the personal stuff down to a minimum as possible.