Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Your own title says it all

First of all, a disclaimer: I saw a lot of great wedding photos taken at Sears Portrait Studio. The photographers could really pull off some creative and inventive photos.

That being said.
Why in the world would you go somewhere expecting that you're going to get great wedding photos exactly as you like them for three dollars and eighty eight cents?


How could anywhere could make money selling photos for $3.88?


Anonymous said...

What a frickin' idiot! She deserves to be taken in if she honestly thought she would get great wedding pictures from Wal Mart for $3.88.
I consider myself a decent photographer, and I wouldn't touch a wedding party with a ten foot pole in the confines of the studio. It's just so stuffy looking!
Again, what an idiot!

Anonymous said...

Weve had people come in to our Studio for wedding photos, directly after their wedding.

They came back later and ordered.... 2 sheets.

Anonymous said...

i once had a wedding spend 600 it was the biggest sale i ever made. they bought a soft tones. that was a few years ago though