Wednesday, April 29, 2009

When you're not at work, you're at work

We know what a day at work is like. Let's talk about our time away from work.

Most days, I had the evening shift since the SM wasn't going to take it.

Often I would get woken up by phone call (oh how I learned to dream hearing that ring) around 9am when she got in, asking a question or accusing me of something that she could have accused me of when I was scheduled at 1. I then would go back to sleep.

I would try to not waste my entire day by getting up by 10am. Most days I would wake up feeling physically ill for the day ahead and go back to sleep. I realize this makes the work day come even faster, but still, it was hard to wake up. I dreaded going to work, especially knowing that I would be accused again once I arrived in studio.

I finally pull myself out of bed 12:00 and start getting ready for my day, figuring I need to at least need to have a small bit of time to myself before going in. Then I might receive a call saying that my schedule changed and they needed me in as soon as possible. Or I might get a call saying come in an hour later than anticipated.

Then of course I actually go to work. You know how that goes. At some point during the day I call home to deliver this disappointing news say that I'm going to be late since something has come up (last minute at-closing appt for example).

Get home, stay up late so I can feel like the day isn't a total wash, go to bed.



Anonymous said...

I work open to close Sun, Tues, and Wed and 10-5 on Sat and 10-2 on Mon.
So i am Home Thurs and Fri when im Lucky. Which is going to happen a LOT less when the hours change and ppl have to cram their appts 1 after the other.
Even when i am home, the phone is always ringing asking me dumb random questions.... usually from my Manager.... or calling to tell me how "Disappointed" in me she is.
Just recently however, i learned that when im not in the studio, the SM calls every night and has the Flex person work for her just because she wants to go home. I dont have that luxury. I get bitched at when i have to leave early for find coverage. I do my open to close days EVERY week... Not her tho, and then she complains about not having her hours because she used up all her PTO time and has no more to enter.

Anonymous said...

wow i am in the EXACT same boat as you guys..and forget off for a family event even with 2 MONTHS notice something comes up on that one day i have to work. even if i switch and open..the closer wont show. god this palce makes me ill

Anonymous said...

you know there are other places you can be an employee of and have similar problems. always on call, always cutting into your home time, and your sleep.always dealing with whiny people. what do they call those people? oooooooooh yeeeeeeah DOCTORS!!!! sheesh doctors dont start at barely more than minimum wage.

Anonymous said...

Yea but this isn't Brain Surgery!! Ha, Ha you all make me laugh! If you aren't a manager, then don't answer your phone.

Anonymous said...

No more days off for me.......

we have 4 total ppl working in our studio now. only 2 of us can work mornings since the other 2 are seniors in High School.

This saturday is their F***ing prom and neither of them will come to work on saturday OR Sunday.... so there are 2 of us this whole weekend.

Our wonderful DM that weve had for a Whopping THREE WEEKS decided who was getting fired and called our SM today and told her to fire them by tonight. Hes never even met them. He just shot us in the damn foot.

Im so extremely livid. I already dont know my kids anymore, now my husband will basically be a single Dad since he is laid off (which is why i HAVE to have a job). I KNOW when it comes down to who has to work, it will be ME...... F**K

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has put in time at SPS knows we don't see our kids, spouse, neighbors or anyone during Christmas.. Easter, spring is our other busy season...isn't that why they call us Retail? You work the shifts you are scheduled, same as any job.If you are a manager recieving calls at home you either have an emergency,very new staff, or you haven't trained the emps not to call you at home. I think if the company is going to be on single coverage all day every day, then it is time to go to appointments every hour... not being able to go on line and schedule a 15 min appt. Walk ins can wait their turn and are Not entitled to bully the emps. If we can accomidate them we will. That is not to be lazy, but I cannot continue to hump it as hard as I have when I didn't even get a year end eval, or a raise. I am worth the time just as every customer is... I run the 125.00 PRS, I manage my Labor, I contribute to the MPC... recognise that, treat me and my emps accordingly, not a bogus bonus plan, with outrageous sits that are unattainable. I am really etting fed up with this company not realising who is in the trenches,keeping the show together. Between the hour lunches, some studios having to come back and close at 3:00 the company seems to be cutting off their nose to spite the face. The people they treat the worst are the ones that are making them the most money. It may backfire on them....

Anonymous said...

The upper management at Sear Portait Studio is horrible. I have never heard a kind word. You can be top in your district and there is something you did wrong. You are never good enough. The mean comments by upper management makes every manager throw up...This is not one...ALL. Everyone lives in fear! NICE CPI!!!

Anonymous said...

The amount of pressure put on managers is unbelievable. I was running a mega-volume studio at a $126. prs for the year and was studio manager of the year. My employees were the best trained and even helped other studios whenever needed. I taught them to function successfully when I was not there and rarely got phone calls at home. I also taught them to depend on each other when needing time off or needed to replace themselves when sick. I hired/trained/promoted 5 of the 15 district's studio managers. I ALWAYS traveled at a moments notice to cover other studios no matter how far away they were. I planned district meetings and moderated conference calls.
To show their appreciation, they fired me 2 months after giving me an engraved award. My DM felt so bad she couldn't even say I was terminated. The paperwork said no official reason but she told me it was because of my pay. Any company is only as good as their worst employee, and they just lost a fantastic one!

Anonymous said...

It's just astounding how this company so undervalues its experienced workers. This blog is studded with stories of seemingly strong employees being suddenly let go, presumably because their salary is a buck or two too high. This is soooo sad. Don't those accounting and marketing people at the top understand that we're not selling vacuum cleaners? You can't replace people in this business so easily. Has anyone up there run a cost analysis on the impact of training new associates and managers, not to mention the customer satisfaction issues that arise with new staff? Yes, you can intimidate some people into better performance in the near term buy threatening their job on a daily basis. The question is: how will that play out in the long run?