Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Call it a hunger strike

I'm not looking to stir up any trouble, but is there a way that those of you still in the fight could be better heard (or at least be in the conversation)? It sounds like a lot of people feel like their opinions and suggestions aren't being heard. Maybe there's nothing that can be done and SPS is just bleeding out, but it would be nice if the employees were at least made aware of the reasons behind why certain changes get made.

I feel like the absolute best thing you could do is send an email (so that it's documented) saying that from this day forward, you are going to take your lunch without interruptions, leaving the studio. I know that the new hours try to force a proper lunch, but it sounds like some people still aren't getting them.

Everyone should be allowed to leave the studio, eat, have get some respite from the trials of the Portrait Studio. And if they try and get upset about it, you have documentation that shows their ill will coincided with when you started actually taking a lunch.



Anonymous said...

oh we are opening our mouths...we are just ignored. ive talked to my DM numerous times about problems that NEVER get solved. i was promised the heat would be taken care of...maybe for a month it was comfortable. the issue of a deadbeat manager? i was reassured many times to hang in there it will get better...and NOTHING changes. Ive written emails to corporate my DM my TM about various things that are hindering our business to be told i didnt go through the proper channels that i have no authority to talk to these people.

Anonymous said...

I loved working my lunch around the customers... some days I never got a lunch, some days I could take an hour to eat. I packed a sandwich so I could eat uninterrupted or put it away when a new mom needed me to be in tune with her schedule. I have worked in low volume to a high volume...double coverage to single.
For years I have accepted this. Now, I have gotten yelled at for delivering pics, during lunch, to being reprimanded for not accomidating the customerwhen they were a walk in 5 min before lunch. I even told the customer I would clock in early and fit them in before my appointment and the person called customer service because they had to wait to view their portraits. The company is too worried about the bottem dollar and what they can save in labor hours, I recieved a report today about PRS, sits and total sales per emp for the last year... it had the employees hire date for the district, and less than 1/4 were before the year 2004. What does that tell you about the company?

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to the town hall meetings where the studio managers were supposedly heard?

Anonymous said...

Ha! my DM told me I had to cancel my vaca day to be in the studio, meanwhile she was out for the entire Easter weekend!
Nobody is standing behind the studios... sink or swim is the motto these days!

NewerMGR said...

Is this only high volume studios? We're a medium, and yeah a lot of the times we don't get lunches, especially on weekends. But my DM visits once a week or every other week and she helps us with everything. I even got a better raise because of her.