Monday, March 16, 2009


The word on the street is you guys are doing a lot more paperwork these days? Give me a summary and I'll post about it.

I find it hard to believe they're adding even more paperwork. When I was working they switched from 15 minutes of closing paperwork to 30 minutes: most of it duplicate information or information that could always be printed in the future if need be.


Anonymous said...

And since the hours have been cut, will you be taking your work home with you? Off the clock? Yeah, probably.

Anonymous said...

There is hardly no paperwork in my district. Maybe your DM is micro-managing you. It takes me about 5 minutes to close.

Anonymous said...

We have about 6 new forms to fill out for Saturday Paperwork...

We now have to log all no-shows from the appt scheduling system, how many times we have tried to call them back, whether or not they rescheduled, & when if they did.

We also have to do a "Scorecard" report going off our "planned numbers."

A full detailed account of our hours & why we went over hours, day by day.

We have to go over the "Bonus" scale with every associate with the current weeks numbers so we can see how close we are to bonus & how much.

We have to fill out action plans each week for the associates that we still have if their PRS is below the studios.

Plus they just sent us 3 new forms today to fill out! Mind you it is Spring Break, a few weeks left until Easter, & we are short staffed in a "Mega-Volume" studio.

What a joke!!

Anonymous said...

wow. that is micro managing.

Anonymous said...

LOL, I stated in a previous post that two new people from radio shack came on board, and there is your micro-management! Every studio will be going threw all the paper work and then some before June! So enjoy the 5 min. closes while you still have them!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the person who has to fill out 6 new forms. Our studio has to do that too...every night. Not just Saturdays.