Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Everyone loves snotty noses in photos

From the comments:
Tis the season for runny noses, coughing kids and spreading it to ALL employees. Twice this week I had 2 Moms come in with kids that "were too sick to go to school" to come in for pictures. What the hell? One kid even said "Mommy and I are both sick!" Hand sanitizer? Give me a break... what about all the things they are touching and the air I am breathing while they are coughing and sneezing? Our church has a sign up.. "If you are sick, please DO NOT come to church and infect others. OBVIOUSLY common sense does not prevail!
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Anonymous said...

I asked my DM for "hazard pay" one year for that exact reason. I was only partially joking.

Anonymous said...

I read in a recent memo (don't remember which one, we get so many) that we are to get in the habit of cleaning our toys/props after every session...are they freakin kidding...Like we have TIME to do that!! If a kid picks up (or mom gives them) something that I didn't, I just remind them of all the H1N1 germs going around..they get the message! I also tell moms that due to the spread of germs I will not be touching there children, they will need to position them how I need them. If said nicely, they totally understand.

Anonymous said...

They come in with sick kids then can't figure out why their kids look sick in the pictures or when they won't smile. They're not happy what the kid is drooling, their eyes look red... "is that gonna show in the picture?" Do you want me to say "no ma'am this is a magical camera.... it doesn't show snot, drool or red eyes"

Anonymous said...

My new standard answer for those complaining about us being behind or don't feel we took enough time with them... Ma'am, would you like to do a go Portrait session instead? That's where we're able to come to you and shoot for an entire hour or more! Can I book that for you?

hopetoquitsoon said...

My fav is the extended hours. I was so used to closing at 6 (most days, on GREAT days) that when we started closing at 7 I almost killed myself by doing the call list to kill time (who would have ever thought!). So you can only imagine how I felt leaving at 8.

Not to mention on black Friday I was about to walk out of the door at 6:45 pm because I had already been there since 9 am, a family of 19 walk in the door. The other girl working had only been there since August so there was no hope in expecting her to handle that alone. So I stayed. As they came streaming in the door I realized that there were 2 BABIES, 4 children under the age of 2 and almost everyone else was fairly large.

Next time they want team pictures I hope I'm not there, even though they were really nice.

Anonymous said...

To: Hopetoquitsoon,

I love those big groups...I had a group of fourteen and I ended up with a tip of $40. They were also the nicest group I have ever had. It totally beats the group of sixteen kids I did last year...the oldest was 8 and 6 of the kids were the age of 2. That was very hard to do.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you guys, but at my current studio and the one I transfered from, we don't get breaks. period. I especially don't since I'm one of 3 people (of a staff of 19) that can actually shoot a session in 10-15 minutes. Since I'm the fastest in the studio, heaven forbid I go on break because then we'll get behind. I just love those 12 hour shifts where I am taking non stop pictures and only get to leave the camera room for the minute that I run out to use the bathroom.
Hello illegalness...

Anonymous said...

I would think that with all the lawsuits against CPI for that exact reason that they would be very careful to make sure people got breaks. I guess they really haven't learned a thing about employee respect. So sad....

Anonymous said...

I have been sick with something different every week since Christmas started, the 1st couple times i wasnt allowed to go in and then the boss got over it until yesterday because im not in a silent sickness right now... im hacking everywhere and "that doesnt leave a very professional impression and there are standards." yet, she didnt send me home????
If ppl would leave sick children at home in the 1st place i wouldnt have this problem, especially since i make my own kids sicker than dogs over this. One mother came in with TWO puking children and then made ME clean it up while she glared at me. and then had the nerve to complain about how we treated her?? Apparently only 1 of us should of been cleaning up the vomit on the table while the other finished ringing her out so she didnt have to wait on us. keep in mind she was a lovely 8pm appt that showed up 10min LATE.


Anonymous said...

Yep, we have the 12 hour shifts too, and also with no breaks in most cases. With all of our studios booked in every 15 minute slot for hours on end, it's a given. The whole staff is so worn out and my state provides no protection against such practices. And in the middle of this all, they change delivery options, add spinning wheels, and ... I've never worked for a company that cared so little for its people and expected so much for their industry-trailing compensation. You just sort of hope there's justice in an afterlife and that the chief policy makers of this firm get to answer the same questions we do: Did you take your second lunch break?

Anonymous said...

The secret to stopping the 15 minute appointments: Book/change every appointment to a 5-10 subject sitting. :)

Anonymous said...

We get no lunches..... we order Pizza and stick it in the backroom and everyone grabs a piece and shovels it in before enhancing.

This is why it is only Monday and im off today so i dont go over hours... i have over 20 Hours coming out of the weekend and 2 more 11 hr days to go.

stillhopingtoquitsoon said...

Oh yea. I definitely work 10 and eleven hour days. It was my first day off in a while today and I get a phone call about coming in. I definitely ignored that call. A few hours later my DM calls...really. Get a life. I'm not interested in working overtime for you. Especially since the "holiday pay" I got was a joke.

Anonymous said...

Well, I put in my 3rd two week notice. Working 12 hours or more is beyond realistic. They say take customers before we open at 10, take customers during your hour lunch break, and take customers at the time of closing! WTF!!!
I am definitely serious about that 2 week notice this time.

Anonymous said...

Dashing thru the room,
With camera card in hand,
Takes SO LONG to download,
Why can't they understand?

6 coupons in their hand,
"Why CAN'T I use them all?"
What's the corporates number,
I want to give a call!

How much is the CD?
WHAT did you just say?
You've GOT to be kidding me!
That much I'd never pay!

A few sheets is all I need
Don't have much family,
I will take them home you see,
And scan them all for free!

I took my pictures to Walgreens, said a "copyright" I need,
You mean I have to pay for that,
Are you friggin kidding me?

All of us are busy,
and going as fast as we can,
Yes, were 1/2 hr behind...
does YOUR kid smile "on demand"?

All these great pictures,
You even changed their clothes ,
All the different breakdowns,
And you only want one pose?

You cheap ass M******F******
It makes me want to shout,
Merry Christmas to you all,
Now get the F*** OUT!

Anonymous said...

That is freakin' AWESOME!!! I sang the whole thing outloud and laughed at the same time!

The bunny lady

Anonymous said...

I made copies for my associates... it really made our day! EVERY time our customers pulled out a coupon, we would catch one another's eye and smile.. if not giggle, thinking about this song. Thanks for lightening up our stress load and lofting our spirits!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That sums up our days beautifully! I love it! Thanks for posting it!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across this site quite by accident, but I am so happy I did!!! I used to work for CPI and the stress that I went through was awful! It's nice to know I'm not alone in everything I had to gripe about!

Anonymous said...

I just quit, and I feel ssooooo happy~ :)

Anonymous said...

i have been working my second job in a stressfull environtment constantly on call running like a mad woman double shifts lots of walking and STILL its easier then working for the portrait studio.i had a migraine one day and miracle of miracles.....they let me go home. i have people to HELP me. im not alone. good lord it feels nice.

Anonymous said...

I guess my old studio only had a few days of busy, busy, busy. Our area got hit hard by the economy and I guess the new manager is very lazy. I kept getting calls and texts from those who are still there to PLEASE come back..ya right. I have enjoyed doing things with my family this year, baking cookies, going to see Christmas programs and concerts. Ahhhh.....what a nice Christmas it is!

Anonymous said...

wow i really thought my studio was alone in this. Im made to think that its jus "my" studio that cant do anything right and gets a hour and a half behind. We only have a core staff of 3 plus my manager. We have 5 new hires that have know clue what they are doing but swear they have this job down....RIGHT! lol
and as far as the sick kids, yea i love when kids cough right in my face and the parents get offended when i ask them to cover there mouths... really ppl come on now, I get sent home right away if i have so much as a runny nose cuz god forbid we get our customers babies sick when in reality im sick because of my stupid sick customers..... irritating much!

Anonymous said...

Well people how did your store do this year compared to last years? Mine is in one of the hardest hit midwest towns in the country with plant closures and unemployment.

We are doing a lot less this Christmas than last years. Even last years was less than the one before. Gotta feeling I am not alone. Lots of packages being bought for 7.99. The DM's are under a lot of pressure as are the Regionals. The pressure will only roll down hill on us managers.

I can see us being lucky to have one or two customers a day after the first of the year until the Easter days get here. I hear hours are going to be cut back until then as well. Has anyone heard anything about that yet?

Anonymous said...

Its been a very long time since ive been in here, but i just need to vent for a second Pls......

My Boss......
Tells me im wonderful because i have such a high PRS.

She Also......
Calls me at home to cuss at me for something i didnt even do.

Blames everything that goes wrong on me. Other employess have heard her do it when the DM is there.

Tells me i single handedly "Ran the studio to shit."

Goes out to her car and gets high on her lunch breaks.

Leaves work early or comes in late and then adjusts her time to say she never left or was on time.

Calls people in on their days OFF because she is swamped... but when they get there, she leaves (see above statement)

If she calls people in on their days off and they say No, she rants and raves about how its their job and they have responsibilities........ Dude, ITS OUR DAYS OFF and shes just going to LEAVE anyways!!!

Has NEVER been called into work on a whim...... EVER. she has no clue what it does to us when she calls and says "i need u here ASAP" and i dont care if your supposed to actually spend time with family.

Gets mad at me for making the schedule, but when she does it she completely ignores any request anyone writes down and then we have a huge mess and even less happy employees.

Is down right mean and rude to new people when they ask a question. HELLO!!! we had like 2 or 3 weeks to train and our holiday help out numbered our core staff this year. Plus, if you dont answer them they will do it wrong and then she yells at them for THAT.

Tells us we cant be there when we are sick, but then makes us be there anyways and gives us dirty looks when we cough or sneeze and customers are there (nice, right?!)

Is miserable there but wont admit it to herself and in turn, makes everyone around her miserable.

**Ok, im done with my rant and it will probably be another very long stint before i come back on here. IM trying really hard not to feel so negative about the studio (because i know im there for a long while), so not reading what everyone else is going thru helps me do that </3**

Anonymous said...

one of my employees found this site, printed out the poem and showed me, I just had to come read for myself,LOLOLOLOL
I am the Manager, I have 3 core staff and pretty much all my seasonal have left as of today, we are very slow here and our lists are totally depleted. Trying to walk toe floor is just a joke, good thing we are next to the restrooms so we can pounce on the women with babies and the men waiting for the woman :-)
The studio life IS stressful, and yes, we miss our breaks and lunches and NO , we cannot have any food or drink in the studio now,,,,BUT, WE HAVE JOBS and the pay is above national average so I am not going to complain. I have the BEST DM in the world and I really like the other Managers. I have enjoyed reading this thread and will save to continue reading the funnies, makes me feel like I am not alone in all the issues.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what new sales tactics are coming forth for the new year. Are we going to use baseball bats and club customers and drag them out of the Wal-Mart aisles to get pictures made?

Our regionals will no doubt have some new ideas to get sits in the studios.

It will be interesting from now to the Easter season. Maybe one customer a day if we are lucky. Everyone has already maxxed out their credit cards and cash reserves for Christmas.

I seen the quarterly results for CPI Corp. and it looks like we lost money again. It says the PMPS made a 5% gain though. I don't see how in the midwest. The rest of the company must have carried us.

I guess today when I get back the DM will let me know who to keep and who to let go. I am a manager only in name the DM is actually the manager of every studio at PMPS. One more might get to stay until I take my 2 weeks of PTO off I still have.

Anonymous said...

I have the best story to show how cruel working for this company can be. I do NOT blame any of this on my DM, she is so good to me. It's all the friggin seasonal associates and my old manager who walked out.

I got pregnant in January '09. Morning sickness for the first 3 months. Did I take off? No, I was running a 135 PRS the other girls were doing an 80, they "needed" me there. I would actually have to run out of the camera room and throw up and then go back and finish the session.

We hired 4 people in October for seasonal. I was due Nov 4th. 2 people walked out after 2 weeks. I was associate at the time, took 6 months for my manager to send a fuckin email about my promotion to assistant. Therefore, I worked for almost 6 months, pregnant at 7.20 an hour instead of 9. I trained ALL the new people. The manager was LAZY and only worked about 3 days a week. I went into labor October 29th around 9. I worked until 7pm that night. Had my little girl October 30th. Was BACK TO WORK November 7th because, the day after my 36 hour labor I just went through I got a text from my manager telling me she quit and would only be there another 2 weeks.

So I went back on strictly sales no photography, docs orders. Was shooting after about 2 days because the new people would take an hour with a cooperative kid putting us 3 appts behind. By November 14th I was working open to close 7 days a week because the other 2 people had walked out and we had no luck hiring. Keep in mind, I had a 2 week old at home.

November 20th, I worked 10am to 9:15 ish pm. I got home around 9:25. My husband found our 3 week old pale and not breathing at 9:45. She died that night, SIDS. I had police here until about 2 am asking the same questions over and over. They didn't believe me that I worked open to close every day. We still have social services coming to check on our 3 year old since they think we killed our baby by neglect even though they wont say it.

I worked the 21st at 9am. I couldn't call in. It was crunch time for Christmas season and we had 4 people staffed, 2 being new. We didn't have my daughters funeral because I couldn't get any time off to plan it. I specifically told the associates I was not taking pictures for a while. How was I supposed to take pictures of other peoples babies when I had just lost mine? Well, 1 guy walked out a week after her death. The other girl walked out the day of her funeral.

So, thanks to the "wonderfull" people my old manager decided to hire I had to work and be happy and smiling at all times less than 12 hours after my daughters death and all through the hardest time in my life.

Gotta love Christmas season. They also decided when the manager quit they would hire outside instead of just promoting me. Yeah, just a lil pissed off. Well she finally took over the studio in January '10. She turned in her resignation beginning of February, couldn't handle it. So I finally got promoted, but every time I think about how much money they wasted training her, paying for her hotel and mileage for 1.5 months of training...it makes me smile :)

Anonymous said...

That story literally broke my heart; I cannot believe you had to go through that all through out your pregnancy. That just proves that SPS and CPI CORP. are nothing but heartless, cold and greedy corporate assholes. My respects to you and your husband for your loss, I cried reading what happened. I think you are a very strong woman for keeping your head high and being a responsible, working adult.

I really hope that you sue CPI's asses off for what they made you do, I don't think those corporate shitholes should be able to get away with murder.

Anonymous said...

Just last week I had a 10 o'clock come in at 10:15 and tell me that her child just threw up in the parking lot. She then preceeded to say that he seems fine and is it ok if she goes into the store and gets him a change of clothes. So when we finally tried to take his pics, needless to say they were lousy. Mom says "I don't know why he's acting like this, he's usually so good for pictures!" Duh mom!!!!