Thursday, July 2, 2009

Let's do some math

I know that this is math that we've done before, but with all that we've been talking about how hard it is to find a job, I wanted to revisit this discussion:

Let's say that you work 30 hours a week making 11.50 an hour. That means that before taxes, you bring in $345/wk. Let's imagine that you're looking to make the exact same amount of money working somewhere else. If you find somewhere that is able to give you 40 hours per week, you would only need to make $8.63 per hour. I know sometimes that it seems it's hard to find a job that gives you what you get at SPS in terms of pay, but in the end, you can take a pretty substantial pay cut and make out pretty well (and work 5 days a week).

Plus getting your sanity back is the best paycheck around.


Anonymous said...

i also live an hour away from my studio if i took a paycut but got a job closer to home it would be more like a raise. $200 a month on gas and tolls....but because its my "home" studio.......the one closest to me is out of my district. (rasberry) im paying them to work

Anonymous said...


I've been doing some math lately too. I think others should do their math also. I'm just an associate making near-minimum wage and now I'm often put on a 4-hour shift. I have to travel 18 miles there and 18 miles back and pass through a toll. Currently, large corporations compensate their employees using their car on behalf of the company at a rate of around 50 cents per mile. That amount covers the estimated cost to the owner for wear(and associated depreciation), gasoline, insurance, and the risk associated with operating the car. I take that to be a pretty good measure of the operating cost of my vehicle on a mileage basis. So adding up the 40 miles X 50 cents, my toll, and subtracting out the 30 or so percent the government will take from my pay, I end up with a net profit of $2.00. Well, unless they put me back on some longer shifts, it looks like I'd be better off taking my vehicle off the road and reading a good book. Now I know why so many people on public assistance are doing better than me: it doesn't pay to work.

Anonymous said...

They dont care whats costing us money. It used to be that they would give you a raise if you were having to drive anywhere far away.

Now, we get offered drive time if we are needed at another studio..... Which i just recieved THREE e-mails today from other studios in our district asking for more help.

Its extremely rediculous that we are making our own studios understaffed just so we can make another studio just a little less understaffed. No One is fully staffed anymore... which is crap.

Anonymous said...

Do what I did.. kept working but searching and searching for another job. I left SPS as a SM at 10bux an hour.. and got an Assistant manager job for another major corporation doing LESS for a bonus that has no strings attached..medical etc 401k,tuition assistance and employee benefits. And we were told that CPI is the only company in America still giving out bonus' to their!

Anonymous said...

i make $7.25 an hour at sps. thats some bull crap! i even have experience at jcpenny portraits, i made $8 there when minimum wage was 5.25 back then! im currently making minimum wage, this job definirely deserves better pay!

Anonymous said...

I did it and it was the best decision of my life, going from manager at 15/hr to barely over minimum wage. Now i work for a company that sells photo equipment and does photofinishing for ACTUAL photographers and am learning and growing in my career as photographer not a slave!